Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand
Moses basket stand

Moses basket stand


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  • Moses basket stand with rocking feature

    A cozy Moses basket stand with a rocking feature. The bottom part of the stand is gently curved, allowing for a soft and soothing rocking motion. *Please refrain from vigorous shaking or any other risky behavior with the stand.

  • The warm, inviting feel of natural wood is unique to each piece
    Because we use natural wood, each piece has a unique texture and appearance, even if it's the same type of wood. The natural aging process adds character to the wood over time, making it even more enjoyable as your child grows.
  • The ideal height makes it easy to keep dust and pets away
    Even in a quiet room, dust can rise up to 20 cm from the floor. It can be nerve-wracking when pets or older children run around the baby. Using a stand can raise the Moses basket to a comfortable height.
  • Saves your back with its convenient height
    The height also reduces the physical strain of lifting and lowering the baby.
  • Also protects against cold air, warm air, and moisture from the floor

    For moms who are hesitant to place the Moses basket directly on the floor during cold winters or humid seasons! This stand protects gently against the cold air accumulating on the floor, the direct warmth from heaters, and concerns about ventilation during summer or the rainy season.

  • A gentle, natural wooden stand

  • "Drop-in" style with a perfect depth for Moses basket

  • Size os product

  • Assembly precautions
    This product requires a Phillips screwdriver for assembly. *Using a power screwdriver can expedite the assembly process.

    Item number
    Brand name
    W 33.9” (86cm)×D 16.3” (41.5cm)×H 19.1” (48.5cm)
    Main body: Pine wood, KEYAKI wood (cross stretchers), Screws: Iron, Plastic Rails: Polyethylene, Screw Receivers: Polypropylene
    This product requires assembly. Please carefully check the dimensions of your Moses basket before purchasing. This stand is only compatible with Moses basket type. It is not compatible with rope-woven or soft-type Moses basket.
    Country of origin
    Made in China
    Target age: From 0 to around 3 months
    Regarding product colors
    Please note that colors on the screen may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor, browser, and settings.

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